Personal Statement

The road on my professional journey has taken me in many directions. This trip began after high school holding various jobs in various industries but consistently maintaining a steady college curriculum. Ultimately, it led me to return to college as a “mature” student. During my undergraduate studies, this road enabled me to set my short-term goals; with a full time job and a full course load, my future career started to form. As an idealistic person in search of my success, I decided on a career of leading a business, organization, and/or industry with accounting and finance as my foundation. Working forty hours a week and going to school full-time was a big accomplishment in itself. My undergratuate degree was fully paid for upon graduation. Thankfully, exposure to this rigorous schedule has enabled me to establish great organizational and time management skills, as well as, the developed drive and determination to succeed. 

A year into my accounting career I was asked by the CFO to develop and maintain the accounting department and be a liaison for HR and IT for our new foreign operations located in Berlin, Germany. I maintained two offices and traveled to Germany quite extensively. This enabled me to build and establish bank, legal, external accountants, insurance, and the government relations. The two years I supported and help lead our German facility my learning curve grew exponentially and in addition to learning a great deal of accounting and finance, operations, leadership, and business management I also learned perseverance, patience and improved communication skills through navigating the culture and language barrier. The companies I have worked for, personal growth and continuous improvement, and my ever developing network provide me greater insight into detail and analysis both on an individual level, as well as, in teams. I was eager to put the investment that I have made through diligent work and focused commitment to lifelong learning to benefit my career and the organizations with which I am employed. Coincidentally at this level I am prepared to make decisions that will have a great impact to the organizations to which I will be an Executive leader.

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional​”

I remain true to myself while pursuing my goals and I believe this attitude exemplifies the kind of leader who is successful in any organization. My entire past supervisors, peers, and employees feel confident that I have what it takes to be a major contributor to any organization. I get the most fulfillments by paving my own road and being exposed to many facets of business and organizations. I developed a strong business sense by becoming a business strategist. It was easy for me to move from an accounting/finance focus to see the borders of the big picture and beyond. I noticed that with my past organizations and business departments, I have greater increasing credibility enabling me to influence decision makers at every level. As a Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, Controller and CFO I believe it’s critical to keep up with continuing professional education, especially in today’s regulatory and dynamic environment.

Although these positions were once a goal they were only transitory. I want to use both, my experience and academics as a stepping stone for further advancement. C-Suite executives are made not born. I know there is no clear-cut path but this is the road I choose. Fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to work for many size companies, with many different types of management and different types of ownership. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get into the detail or jump on the frontline when needed. I am comfortable wearing many hats and doing whatever it takes to motivate and inspire individuals, teams, departments, and an entire organization, forward.

Although most of my achievements and progression were accomplished through career-orientated circumstances, the road to defining me would not be complete without personal growth. I have been involved with many team and individual sports, through school, park districts, and recognized clubs all my life. I also enjoy mountain biking, softball, kayaking, tennis, golf, and all forms of exercise. Having fun during this time is my number one goal, however, as a by-product I have learned a lifetime of self-discipline, leadership, and teamwork. I am able to take this knowledge learned on the court, field, and course and apply it to the management of people in any organization. In the past I have volunteered for the American Cancer Society and currently I am a Business Volunteer for the Arts, a founding program of the Arts & Business Council of Chicago. I make a positive impact on all involved by helping people achieve their goals.

So the road that I chose seeking fulfillment and happiness is often less taken. More importantly I know where I’ve been, where I am and certainly where I am going. I offer a diverse background, and have a broad business acumen enabling contributions beyond the scope of finance. My overseas role allowed me to both understand the need for advanced training in leadership and business principles and to offer a unique perspective to any organization. In summary, I know you will profit a great deal from me as a leader in your organization, adding value to all levels.